Audition Info

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Auditions: January 20-23, 2023
Rehearsals: February 28-June 1, 2023
Performances: June 2-18, 2023


Character Breakdown

(Vocal ranges for some characters are presented from top note to bottom note required. With the exception of Chip, all actors must be age 16 or older.)

Belle — A young woman with an independent spirit and a love of reading who exudes natural beauty. F5 to E3.

Beast — The cursed Prince and master of the castle. F4 to A2.

Maurice — Belle’s slightly addled genius inventor father. Db4 to Bb2.

Gaston — A rude, narcisstic hunter who assumes the world belongs to him. E4 to A2.

Lefou — Gaston’s fawning friend, not too bright. F#4 to B2.

Lumiere —  A charming French valet who fancies himself a ladies man. F#4 to F#2.

Cogsworth — An officious, excitable, English major-domo. E4 to A2.

Mrs. Potts — A sweet, kind-hearted head of the kitchen staff and mother to Chip. G5 to F#3.

Chip — Mrs. Pott’s hopeful young son (age 7-10ish; male or female actor up to age 13). F5 to A3.

Madame De La Grande Bouche — A grand, larger-than-life opera singer. D5 to C#4.

Babette — A flirtatious French maid. F5 to C4.

Monsieur D’arque — Proprietor of the local insane asylum. A4 to D3.

Les Filles De La Ville (3) — A group of Gaston’s fanatical female followers.

Wolves — Beastly, energetic dancers stalking the dark woods.

Villagers — The local townsfolk who look down on Belle but look up to Gaston.

Castle Staff — The cursed servants of the Beast’s castle.

Old Beggar Woman — An enchantress in disguise.

Narrator — The storyteller who begins the tale. 

Rehearsal Info

Rehearsals will be held at Hope Theater (4175 Bludau Drive in Vint Hill, Warrenton, VA). Depending on the role, actors will be expected to attend up to 3 rehearsals each week from March through the beginning of the show. Typical rehearsals will be Sunday afternoons, Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, or Saturday mornings. The rehearsal schedule will be established once the show is cast and all actors’ availability has been considered. The entire Cast and Crew must attend every night of Tech Week (May 28 thru June 1).

If you have any questions, contact the Producers, Hilary Pierce ( and Scott Pierce (